Philippine Business Sense - Game Vortex

The Game Vortex Experience

Philippine Business Sense, Ormoc City — People play video games to have fun or relax after a hard day’s work. Unfortunately, modern video game consoles are expensive. However, here in Ormoc City, gamers can actually rent one.

Loijentech Game Vortex Electro Computer Shop which is located at Coching building along Bonifacio Street in District 7, allows one to use the latest Xbox ONE for a mere P45.00 per hour. This next generation game platform employs kinect sensors and high end virtual graphics that gamers look for. Yet, with the shop’s wide variety of game genres and selections, relaxation and even competitive games at Game Vortex is truly an amazing experience in this quaint city.

Introduced as a small concern by Mr. Loije Efrim ‘Maning’ Calixtro, the business initially used the family’s personal game consoles. It made a good turn with an investment of P100,000 from his father who later bought his own Xbox for the shop. Game Vortex strengthened its position in the city’s game scene by using posters and facebook although it took a while before people really started to realize the nature of the business. Its owners also saw the need to establish a strong bond between the costumers and the shop, so they started to conduct Xbox gamers’ tournaments and Christmas parties. The shop gave free t-shirts as souvenirs, free extra game times, and extended discount promotions for longer gaming hours. This strategy significantly improved the bond between the shop and its customers.

To further promote this bond, Game Vortex has taken its Xbox community tournaments to a new plane. When it conducted the Diablo III tournament earlier this year, for instance, the gamers had to have at least a Level 60 character and a flash drive for them to save their game progress so that they can play in any unit. This summer, plans are up for an NBA 2k sports game tournament to further excite the gamers. The tournament winners in all cases usually get a competitive prize.

Game Vortex is friendly to newbees in the Xbox platform, but new gamers just have to tell the owners what kind of genre they want to play and the kind of game-play they can handle. The shop owners will give suggestions to help narrow the customer’s game search down.

Although equipment and game selection upgrades are costing the shop more with the influx of demand caused by their growing community of customers, Game Vortex is looking forward to expand its operation through a possible new and bigger business space that can accommodate its clients. Mr. Calixtro is crossing his fingers on this but says he is keeping an open mind and is very interested.

John Alfred Kabalican