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The Quick And The Dead

The Quick

Editorial, Opinion – Much is to be desired from the multi-party system of Presidential elections in this country. Intelligent consideration of national concerns take a vow when banal issues take centre stage with so many candidates vying for that cool place called Malacañang. This probably explains our lack of direction in terms of lasting policies that a President should have explained to the people prior to being elected by them, and for those reasons. Regretfully, ours is a kind of “hell” Manuel L. Quezon may not have wanted us to cover.

The possible menu for 2016: Cayetano, Roxas, Binay, Marcos, Revilla, Escudero. Lacson and Grace Poe might join in the melee, too. These are the politicians who have indicated, or are ‘being pushed’, to make the try out. So, they say. Don’t forget the preachers, dreamers and attention grabbers who usually take the last minute in filing COC’s at the Commission on Elections. Sad list? Take the cue.

Hefty ambition can make the mind spin. In the national plane, it has taken credit for quick mistakes that easily kill a country’s competitive future. That is the thought supposed aspirants should consider ahead of their plans for the next presidential elections.

The Dead

Liberal Party’s Mar Roxas is hoping to keep his end of the bargain when he agreed to hold his own and ran for vice president in 2010. Members of the official family are presently towing the line, hoping to see Roxas somehow recover in the midterm surveys. But Roxas, whose constituents in Capiz doubt could win the mayoralty race in his own hometown, is looking at a very wide, blank space. It may be sensible, heroic in fact, for him to hold his own again so that the ruling party can consider a more viable option for 2016 ‘for the country’s welfare’.

At the moment, the LP is much like Nemo’s ship, formidable yet without a captain –– at least for its expedition in 2016. This perception is making recent LP members think about their future. It will be for LP stalwarts to decide amongst themselves who should stand for the next Philippine presidential race.

The Liberals lag poorly behind Jejomar Binay’s fluid machinery. Binay’s crew, it is said, prepared his Certificate of Candidacy for President in 2010. Nobody is really taking a hard look at how they operate.