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Editorial, Opinion – Every time I open my computer to check on my facebook, twitter and instagram accounts, ‘selfie’s’ of my friends welcome me.

But what really is a selfie? Why is it a trend that even the president of the United States, UK’s prime minister and no less than the Pope himself has submitted themselves to doing one?

The art in an arm’s length is what they call it. A self-portrait may it be in a restaurant, at work, or in the comfort of our own homes (talking about the very popular mirror selfie), can be so quick and easy to do especially with your very popular smart phones and top of the line handy cameras.

It is as quick as finding the right angle, checking the photo for adjustments and uploading it to any of one’s registered networking sites. As easy as A-B-C.

However, an unknown psychologist claims that doing ‘selfies’ may be a manifestation of a mental disorder of some sort, a ‘growing narcissism at its finest’. I hope that this claim will be subjected to a reliable clinical study because, if that is the case, all of us would somehow have an existing “ailment”.

In this technologically advanced society, one way or another, we are all guilty of it. Clicking the “like” button on facebook would, in this kind of understanding, show an approval of an unclassified level of insanity.

That’s not to say it’s is a bad thing. However, in this time and age, people do a selfie for so many different reasons. For instance, those who live miles away get a boost when they see close up pictures of their loved ones. It has become a form of communication, updating relationships. Because photographs speak more than words, selfies have also significantly emotionally connected families.

Celebrities have likewise made their selfies an opportunity to promote their sponsors and careers. It has, in fact, become part of the growing facilities in the advertising industry, permeating into the realm of practical life, what media buffs call ‘real time coverage’.

And some simply just want to see how they look; unhesitatingly sharing it to others hoping that someone will click the “like” button. For simple souls, taking a picture of one’s self, or one’s food, or one’s dog and posting these works of wonderful personal art is an expression of humanity, of feelings, and state of being.

Whatever the reason may be, I say Selfie is promoting confidence in oneself, may it be too much or a little less. By and large, if it makes one happy, by all means go for it.