Scenic mountain ranges like this seen from Agas-agas Bridge near Mahaplag, Leyte is one of several attractions drawing a daily stream of foreign and local tourists to this copious but largely undiscovered heaven on earth

Mahaplag News – Mayor Lleve pushes for recognition of Mahaplag Tour Points

Mahaplag News –– Mayor Daisy Abuyabor Lleve of this mountainous town is working to introduce Mahaplag’s unspoiled tour destinations.

“We have so many pristine sites like a cathedral cave in Barangay Paril that leads out to a calming river, two basically undiscovered waterfalls, our own Mahaplag Inland Resort currently being operated by the local government, and scenic mountain trails that backpackers and people with a strong spirit of adventure can truly enjoy”, said Mayor Lleve.

“But these sites need further development to become viable and accessible tour points that the municipality can offer as part of an organized local tour package”, Lleve stressed. The mayor said she intends to bring her town “to that point of tourism development” adding that the town has enough beautiful natural attractions, local products, and prospective tour agents to become a significant and competitive nature trip target in the region.

“Our proximity to nearby Agas-Agas with its audacious and adrenaline–pumping zip line makes our own tour sites potential items for foreign and local adventure–seekers. All we have to do is work on that advantage by appropriate promotion strategies”, Mayor Lleve said.

Lleve’s administration is currently studying local partnership policies that it can introduce with communities living near the town’s potential tour destinations so that these can be developed with natural conservation in mind.

Mahaplag Mayor Daisy Abuyabor Lleve holding her copy of the Visayan Business Post with VBP publisher Urbano Mamaspas