The City Agriculture Office in Baybay City gears for the next cropping season

Baybay News – Cari administration pushing to ensure food sustainability in the city

Baybay News -– Mayor Carmen Loreto Cari of this coastal city is working to make certain that the city’s rice and vegetable farmers are able to plant rice and other crops this planting season.

Officials of the City Agriculture Office here disclosed to the Visayan Business Post News Team that the city mayor has given instructions for them to prepare more certified seeds in case supplies from the Food Agriculture Organization (FAO) runs short. There are roughly 2,000 hectares of rice lands in Baybay of which 75% is irrigated, the rest is rain fed. The FAO has earlier distributed some certified seeds, but the growing list of farmers may overtake the expected supply this season as more farmers join those who have earlier been listed by local officials.

“The list is being continuously validated in the barangay level as some farmers can already afford to get their own seeds”, said a senior member of the agriculture staff. At least 1,500 farmer beneficiaries are expected to receive 40-kilo sacks of certified seeds from FAO which should be enough to plant a hectare of rice land.

Baybay NewsMeanwhile, in a bid to help more people get on their feet, the city’s agriculture office will expand its high value crops program to more barangays where farmers are allowed to borrow at zero interest rate necessary vegetable farming needs like seeds and vermi-compost materials. The program is a priority poverty alleviation project of the city government and is being used to ensure that the city has sufficient supply of vegetables and high value crops.

Pictures from a recent event distributing certified rice seeds to local Baybay farmers, can be seen here.