Native flowers and fauna unique to this mountainous landlocked hideaway greet resort guests upon their arrival to Mahaplag Inland Resort

Mahaplag News – Successful operation of Mahaplag Inland Resort silences critics

Mahaplag News –– Earlier critics of the local government unit operating a resort in Mahaplag has been silenced with the continuous increase of the resorts’ annual revenue. “It was kind of unexpected considering the prior doubt cast over the economic viability of the project three years ago”, said Natural Resource Management Specialist Mario S. Casas.

Inland Resort management revealed to the Visayan Business Post News Team that the cool hideaway in this landlocked municipality has been drawing so many local and foreign tourists that they now have a constant shortage of rooms. Cabanas that should house families are also one of the present demands. “Plans for the resort’s building development will be an expected expansion move if we are to satisfy the resort’s growing clientele”, said Casas who also currently stands as resort manager.

Mahaplag Inland Resort which now earns roughly P2 million to P3 million pesos in revenues annually, up from the anticipated P800 thousand yearly when the project was first funded by the Department of Finance, also helps the local economy by employing 21 locals. “The resort is self-sustaining and has given additional revenue for the municipality”, beamed Casas, referring to the P6.8 million revenue raised by the local government in 2013. “Contrary to earlier negative forecasts by some of its detractors, the resort is not and will never become dependent of the Internal Revenue Allotment given these statistics”, stressed Casas.

Mahaplag News
Bounded by the now protected forests of its lush mountains, the Inland Resort provides the rural experience of tranquil simplicity that one can no longer find in pacific towns due to ill–conceived land development and unchecked illegal logging. Treated fresh water streaming from the town’s mountains purifies the pools’ water day in and out, making it one of the region’s most pristine swimming havens

Mayor Daisy Abuyabor Lleve earlier told the Visayan Business Post that Mahaplag Inland Resort is an essential staging point for her administration’s tourism driven programs. “Tourists staying in the resort should soon have the option to explore the town’s other places of interest”, Lleve said. The mayor started this initiative with an allocation to build an access road to a cave in Barangay Paril. “Development will be slow to come for these tour sites if they remain hidden from the news and tourism map”, said Mayor Lleve.