Locators to the 161st Sogod Founding Day Celebration ‘Agro Fair’ display and sell some of the town’s agricultural produce including pottery which is one of its active local enterprises. Municipal Mayor Imelda Uy Tan told the Business Post that the agro fair will be extended up to June 30, 2014.

Sogod News – Sogod Celebrates 161st Founding Day today

Sogod News, Southern Leyte –– Mayor Imelda Uy Tan of Sogod, Southern Leyte, today will lead local government officials and employees, national government offices, non-government organizations, educational institutions and businesses in this municipality as it celebrates its 161st founding day celebration.

Mayor Tan disclosed to the Visayan Business Post News Team that a mass celebration and afternoon parade to be participated by the different local sectors including visitors from other parts of the province and the country will be held to culminate the celebration which was opened with an agro fair on June 1. Daily and nightly activities which included a sports festival, singing and dance contests, live band and comedy shows followed as local residents and visitors of all ages and from all walks of life joined in the annual festivities.

“This is a meaningful day for our town and we hope to see it develop more”, said Mayor Tan who also disclosed that austerity measures were observed in keeping with the municipality’s recovery efforts after super typhoon Haiyan. “The local government approved a reasonable budget for the festivities which is intended not only as a cultural but an economic promotion activity”, Added Tan.

Locators of the agro fair have asked the local government to extend the fair up to June 30 because of the success of the event. Sogod town is one of the most progressive economies in Southern Leyte with an estimated population of almost 40,000.