Volunteer for the Visayans Director Helena Claire Canayong with young members of the VFV happily receive clothes and shoes donated from the United Kingdom through the efforts of Nicola Christeen Bevan who was in Tacloban also volunteering for VFV when Haiyan struck.

Tacloban News – Philippine Volunteer for the Visayans thank UK donors

Tacloban News – Helena Claire ‘Wim-wim’ Canayong, director of the Volunteer for the Visayans met with the VBP News Team recently to receive for the foundation some boxes of assorted children and teen-age clothes and footwear from benevolent donors in the United Kingdom.

Director Canayong inspected the boxes containing the donated items with members of the VFV and thanked the colleagues of Andy Bevan at Barton Wilmore Planning & Design, Beth Bevan’s colleagues at Farnborough College of Technology (School of Applied and Health Sciences), the friends of Nicola Christeen Bevan, and the friends and family of former VFV volunteers Grace Scott and Jasel Burroughs of the United Kingdom.

The VFV Director told Visayan Business Post during her interview that the foundation continues to tend to the families of victims of super typhoon Haiyan who to date have not been able to find relocation yet. She said that mostly affected are children who still need to adjust to their post-typhoon situation.

“Some of the neglected but important items that the victims need are personal hygiene items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, bathing soap, and underwear”, said Canayong who is working with other VFV volunteers to provide these items to the refugees.

Donor Nicola Christeen Bevan sought the donations in the United Kingdom for the VFV having been a VFV volunteer herself who was in Tacloban when the super typhoon struck.

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