Mahaplag News - MNHS Department Head Yvonne Salas points to an area of upper Mahaplag National High School where a TESDA training centre building is set to be built by the Local Government Unit of Mahaplag. The project is part of Mayor Daisy Abuyabor Lleve’s livelihood and economic agenda for Mahaplag.

Mahaplag News – Upper Mahaplag National High School ready to host TESDA certification trainings

Mahaplag News – Mayor Daisy Abuyabor Lleve of this municipality have identified the National High School here located at Upper Vecinal as the venue for the certification training by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) of the town’s out–of–school–youth.

MNHS Department Head Yvonne Salas told the Visayan Business Post news team that TESDA will be offering at least three courses: dressmaking-tailoring, housekeeping, and electrical house wiring. “This is a dream come true for many unemployed residents of Mahaplag who have been hoping to gain free access to various certification trainings of TESDA but could not afford the cost of studying in Tacloban where TESDA’s training centre is located”, Salas said.

“The aim of Mayor Lleve is to provide this great opportunity for free to any Mahaplaganon who is interested to gain theoretical and practical skills that could later provide them basic livelihood” stressed Salas, adding that the Local Government Unit led by Mayor Lleve will establish a permanent facility within the grounds of the school for the local TESDA training centre.

But Salas clarified that the training will start even before the building planned for the centre rises. “Mayor Lleve wants us to start the training as soon as possible to avoid delays. The classes will be held by TESDA during Saturdays & Sundays and may make use of the available buildings that we have here at the moment”, said Salas.

The local government is currently disseminating information to recruit as many potential students as it can list for the training to make sure that all available slots will be filled up. Students under the program will undergo a period of skills development in the subjects covered for them to gain enough practical knowledge to be certified as such. The government has announced the need for technically qualified workers for local and overseas jobs.

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