The new municipal building of Mahaplag is part of many recent active improvements in the municipality that has not been witnessed in so many years. Construction of this building was initiated by the administration of Mayor Ronaldo ‘Lolot’ T. Lleve.

Mahaplag News – Land owners urged to support tourism project

MAHAPLAG NEWS – Mahaplag Mayor Daisy Abuyabor Lleve is urging owners of the lands leading to the municipality’s only cathedral cave to consider the enormous positive impact the development of an access road will bring not only to Barangay Paril but the entire municipality where the largely undiscovered tour site is located.

Mayor Lleve earlier disclosed that a P1 million allocation for the initial development of a road leading to the said tourist destination have already been submitted by the local government for approval under the government’s “Bottom-Up Budgeting or BUB system”.

But Lleve is concerned that local politics may currently affect efforts to develop the cave as a potential tour point with the alleged premature denial by some land owners to let the intended road through. The municipal government is still assessing how this challenge can be overcome.

“There seems to be a refusal on the part of some persons who own some of the lands leading to the site because of local policy differences”, acknowledged Lleve. She said, however, that her administration hopes to be able to work on a win-win solution for everyone on the matter.

“We have been adamantly working to be able to build on the potential of all our local tourism destinations, especially this beautiful cave, so that they will receive the wide recognition they deserve in terms of number of visitors”, Lleve told the Visayan Business Post News Team in a recent interview.

“The present development alarms us to the fact that more people need to understand what progress means. The local government is trying its ultimate best to set up essential structures that are vital for the future of this municipality in this important aspect of growth in local tourism’, explained Lleve.

Mahaplag is one of the few remaining forested areas in the province of Leyte with its unsullied natural beauty. Its local government is trying to develop the municipality’s local tour destinations so that these could be recognized among the region’s various attractions.