The newly inaugurated water bottling facility of Mahaplag is a grant funded by the Department of Finance (DOF) in recognition of the municipality’s successful operation of Mahaplag Inland Resort, also a development project earlier approved and funded by the DOF

Mahaplag News – Mahaplag celebrates its 56th founding anniversary

MAHAPLAG NEWS – Mahaplag Mayor Daisy Abuyabor Lleve led local government officials and employees, barangay officials, community leaders, businessmen and town residents in marking the 56th Founding Anniversary of the municipality of Mahaplag today.

The commemoration started with a holy mass followed by the ceremonial blessing of the municipality’s new water bottling facility which was presided over by Mahaplag parish priest Fr. Roel Cahidoc. Leyte’s 5th District Representative Jose Carlos Loreto Cari also joined in the celebration.

In an earlier interview with the Visayan Business Post news team, Mayor Daisy Lleve disclosed that the annual festivity will henceforth join both the municipality’s founding anniversary and the renowned ‘Kaplag’ cultural festival. “The Kaplag festival which in recent years was performed during the town’s September fiesta has been moved to the 21st of July to coincide with the town’s founding anniversary, although it will still be shown as part of the attractions during the fiesta celebration”, said Lleve.

Mahaplag was created under Executive Order No. 308 on 21 July 1958 originally with 28 politically subdivided barangays. During that year, the municipality’s first local officials were sworn in led by Mayor Angel Gubat, Vice-Mayor Cayetano Bartolini, and Municipal Councilors Ismael Lleve, Ruperto Bajora, Maximo Carawana and Casiano Gablines.