Pupils from Basper Elementary School and Cabalawan Elementary School in Tacloban write their entries to the INEE essay contest by UNICEF

Tacloban News – Yolanda victims join essay tilt on education in emergencies

TACLOBAN NEWS – Leyte elementary pupils will be joining youngsters from around the globe in an essay writing contest about the importance of education in emergencies.

A project of the United Nations International Children’s Education Fund (UNICEF) through the International Network for Education in Emergencies, the writing contest will feature entries from young children who have been affected by crisis events from around the world.

“Children presently undergoing education in emergency trainings in Yolanda areas will be given equal opportunity to submit their essays”, Project Manager Monica Esteban of InterSOS disclosed to the Visayan Business Post news team. InterSOS is a Rome–based Italian international humanitarian aid organization doing children’s rights advocacy in Leyte. “The deadline set by the organizers of this international event is October 19, 2014”, Esteban added.

The entries will be sent to the UNICEF where judging based on education in emergencies criteria will be conducted on all entries. The essays should be written in either of the following major languages: English, Arabic, French, Spanish or Portuguese.

“The tilt is intended to show the world what happens to education during an emergency or crisis event like earthquakes, typhoons and conflicts”, VBP editor in chief and InterSOS Children’s Rights, Education in Emergencies, and Disaster Risk Reduction Management trainer Frank Villablanca told the VBP news team in Leyte. “The children are encouraged to share their stories and ideas about what education means to them or why they think it is important in emergencies”, he said.

“Entries by children from Tacloban City have a good chance of winning the international competition because of their remarkable experience of recovering from super-typhoon Yolanda through education”, Villablanca concluded.