PDEA Regional Office 8 conducts an anti-illegal drugs conference with high schools students in Samar Province. (Photo by PDEA 8)

EV News – Eastern Visayas is No. 2 province where state officers are caught for drugs

Eastern Visayas News, Manila – Releasing its 2014 report of apprehensions, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) here is alarmed that more and more government officials and employees are becoming involved in the illegal drugs trade.

The PDEA report indicated a 37.68 percent spike in the number of government officials arrested for violating the anti-drug law.

Around 190 of these officials and employees were apprehended either using or dealing in illegal drugs, higher than the 138 charged in 2013.

The 2014 report showed Eastern Visayas lagging by a mere three arrests behind the Ilocos region. A total of 25 government officials were arrested in Ilocos followed by Eastern Visayas with 22. Zamboanga had 10 while 8 were apprehended in Northern Mindanao, the report stated.

Of the 190 officials 56 were occupying elective posts, 49 were law enforcers and 85 were government employees.

“The numbers has increased significantly each year since 2011”, said Undersecretary Arturo Cacdac Jr. who heads the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency.

“It is alarming that more government officials and law enforcers are getting involved in illegal drug activities when they are supposed to implement the law, maintain peace and order in their area and promote the well-being of the people,” Cacdac added.

PDEA has urged the general public to report suspected drug-related activities in their communities by providing a round-the-clock Text Hotline.

Citizens may now send the following text message:

Text: Name of Drug Users/Pushers and Complete Address of the Incident

Send to:

SMART 0999-888 PDEA (7332)
Sun 0925-573 PDEA (7332)
Globe 09279150616

To know the status of a report, the anonymous informant may send STAT [space] REFERENCE NUMBER to any of the above numbers.