The country's 'super rice' developed by IRRI

Philippine News – Philippine ‘super rice’ to be distributed soon

PHILIPPINE NEWS, MANILA – Here is good news for those in the rice farming industry, the Philippine Department of Agriculture (DA) is set to distribute seeds of a newly-approved hybrid rice breed called ‘Green Super Rice’.

The department believes that the country’s ‘super rice’ will help local farmers produce better harvests beginning this year as it can thrive under tough farming conditions.

The new rice variety was developed by the International Rice Research Institute in UP Los Baños, Laguna together with the Philippine Rice Research Institute.

Green Super Rice is reported to posses the advanced traits of at least 250 rice varieties and was engineered to adapt to difficult growing conditions such as drought. It can also sufficiently produce good rice harvests even in the absence of fertilizers and pesticides.

Successful tests were conducted by the department on the new variety in its various planting sites in the different parts of the country according to information provided by the Department of Agriculture.

The DA here also announced that the distribution program for the new ‘super seeds’ will be instituted under the National Rice Program through the department’s various offices in the regions and under the government’s High Yielding Technology Adoption or HYTA scheme.

Farmers or farmers groups who are interested to avail of the program are advised to seek guidance from the department’s regional offices since the new HYTA scheme may include the later distribution of hand tractors with trailers, threshers, water pumps, warehouses, motorized harvesters and dryers.

The conditions for availability of the assistance program are to be set by the department’s regional offices following department guidelines.

The Department of Agriculture is expecting the country to increase its domestic rice production to more than 20 million metric tons this year.