Convergys Philippines Country Manager Ivic Mueco (rightmost) is joined by the young cast members of the Give A Bag of Hope video as they show off the actual bags, which will be given out to students of several Filipino elementary schools nationwide.

Philippine News – Convergys begins nationwide drive to give ‘Bags of Hope,’ helps eliminate barriers to education

Philippine News – The nation’s largest private employer, Convergys, strengthens its commitment to make a difference in the communities where its employees live and work through a national campaign called “Give A Bag of Hope.” Powered by its 60,000-strong workforce, Convergys’ donations of bags and school supplies to students in partner schools nationwide will help Filipino students address a basic challenge in their education.

In a report published by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS), factors such as lack of personal interest, high cost of education, illness and disability, lack of nearby schools and lack of employment are among the biggest reasons for non-attendance at school. The same report says that cases of dire poverty, the lack of money to pay for transportation or to buy school supplies have forced a lot of children to drop out.

On May 15, Convergys launched “Give a Bag of Hope” in its 34 centers nationwide, and over the weekend shared the campaign video on social media:
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“In our own community, at this very moment, there are children who are excited to start the school year but lack the resources to buy school supplies. With a little help, we can give those children a chance. Convergys is empowering 60,000 employees in 34 different sites across the Philippines to make a difference by doing that – giving “bags of hope” to children in the partner schools of our sites nationwide. Every new employee hired until July will also make a difference, as we will donate a bag of hope in their name,” says Ivic Mueco, Convergys Philippines Country Manager.

Philippine News, Convergys Bags of Hope
Convergys Give A Bag of Hope. The program aims to enable the company’s 60,000 employees across 34 sites to be able to help Filipino children all over the nation by giving out bags packed with school supplies.

Employee volunteerism for social good

From May to July, Convergys employees can be involved in three ways: a monetary donation pledge, actual school supplies donation, and referring their friends to join Convergys. Every successful referral results to a bag of hope donated in the referring employee and new hire’s names.

Employees will also be visiting approximately 25 partner schools nationwide to distribute backpacks that come complete with school supplies such as pencils, erasers and sharpeners, crayons, pad papers, and notebooks.

“As a company, our contribution to nation-building doesn’t stop at providing meaningful employment and career growth among our people. Serving the community is one of Convergys’ corporate Values, and our employees are the very ones who demonstrate this in the many ways they give back to improve the areas where they live and work, eliminate barriers to stability, and create avenues where educational opportunities thrive. There is always an overflow of goodwill and I think that is well-rooted in our culture,” concludes Mueco.

For more information about Give a Bag of Hope, visit the Convergys Philippines Facebook page #GiveABagofHope #ConvergysPH