DOE Secretary Carlos Jericho Petilla

Energy secretary Petilla’s resignation a great loss

Bukidnon, Mindanao – Mindanao cooperatives describe the recent resignation of Secretary Carlos Jericho L. Petilla as a great loss not only at the Department of Energy but even more among the cooperatives in Mindanao and in the country’s cooperative movement.

Bukidnon Transport Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BTMC) chairman Glicerio Tan said that cooperatives in Mindanao are saddened by Secretary Petilla’s unexpected resignation.

BTMC is a member of the 8,000 Mindanao-based 1Mindanao Energy Cooperative that has a combined membership of three million.

‘Secretary Petilla embodies the spirit that makes for a true public servant whose primordial concern is to serve the public interest the best he could, unmindful of the usual working hours’, Tan revealed.

‘We are a witness to his remarkable dedication and commitment to public service’, he said.

In a statement published through the Philippine Daily Inquirer Tan disclosed how his organization could attest to the standards of public service Petilla imposed upon himself to ensure reliable, quality and secure supply of electricity.

‘Secretary Petilla leaves with the power supply adequate and the oil firms keeping their pump-prices depressed’, Tan added, repeating an earlier assessment of Petilla’s record as ‘energy czar’.

‘We have seen him seize every opportunity he could in serving electricity consumers and, in every instance, he conducted himself with transparency and a great sense of accountability’, the statement added.

Petilla encouraged cooperatives to empower the consumers of Mindanao through regional cooperative power summits where current members of cooperatives and electric consumer’s interests are represented. The secretary also asked cooperatives to invest their combined financial resources in the cause of advancing consumer empowerment with the end in view of alleviating poverty in Mindanao.

‘Whatever was Secretary Petilla’s reason for his resignation, he can rest assured that he has the respect and trust of the genuine people’s cooperatives in Mindanao, who see in him a sincere, upright, trustworthy and true public servant’, Tan concluded.