The Bb. Ormoc 2015 winners. (Photo by Visayan Business Post)

The secrets of Bb. Ormoc 2015

Ormoc News – One will not immediately realize the strong character behind the modest innocence in Denesse Ann Rebadomia. Her soft gaze do not betray the weeks of elected isolation she went through to learn an exclusive type of martial arts.

‘The mind overcomes fear. Do that and it’s easier to fight aggression’, she reveals with a straight eye. If only government can ask this child what the country needs to do against China.

Denesse was born in Tondo, Manila. Yes, that place where the expression ‘unsolved crime’ was born. It is perhaps from growing in such a tough place that she learned life would be short of ordinary.

Ormoc News, Bb. Ormoc 2015 Winner Denesse Ann Rebadomia
Denesse wears the first official crown for Bb. Ormoc. Designed by Shandar’s Mark Anthony Tenchavez, her tiara is fastened with Swarovski rubies that represent love and courage as well as green emeralds for hope and resiliency. (Photo by Visayan Business Post)

 ‘Our family and kids went through a knotty time when they were younger’, her mom Socorro Tac–al said. ‘Life was hard for us then but they did not complain, especially Denesse’, she said.

A natural contender, as a toddler Denesse would join noontime Eat Bulaga’s Little Miss Philippines where she became a Grand Finalist. Her parents then realized that their daughter would grow up to become visible.

Friendly and able to adapt to different environs and local languages, Denesse studied in Liloan, Cebu where she graduated at Tayum Elementary School. She later joined her family in Ormoc City where her parents were doing business.

Denesse was an active student leader at the New Ormoc City National High School. It was during this time that she joined more beauty contests bagging the Miss Intramurals and Miss City Division crowns, aside from being a student leader in her own right.

Barely fifteen, she would be crowned Ormoc City’s first Tugob Festival Queen in front of an appreciative multitude in 2010. The rising and colourful Tugob festival is Ormoc’s equivalent of Cebu’s Sinulog.

‘Obsessed’ with painting, dancing and opera singing, Denesse said she did not expect to win the 2015 Bb. Ormoc tilt. ‘My mom was more concerned than I was about the contest since I was in Cebu trying to concentrate on school during most of the search period’, she said.

Denesse is a local celebrity in San Carlos University where she is currently a senior student taking up Business Administration with major in Marketing. She has landed in the Dean’s list twice in the top 3, and in the top 5 and 6.

Other than being a San Carlos University ace student, in the last three years Denesse has also been a busy member of the Board of Directors, the Society of Business Executives and Entrepreneurs as well as Chairperson of the Integrated Marketing Association for Growth and Excellence. She was likewise chosen Miss Student Organization and Miss Intramurals at this premier university.

Asked about her secret of staying on top despite her academic schedules and activities, she held that ‘I simply give my best in everything that I do’. ‘That, I learned from my mother’, she adds.

‘During exams, I used to have energy drinks so that I could extend hours of study. It seemed that there was not enough time for all the things that we needed to learn to be prepared for all our business course examinations. But I right away realized that this was not healthy, so I stopped the habit’, she admitted.

‘My immediate objective is to be able to graduate this May 2016, that much I owe to my parents who have always supported me’, she said.

Denesse thinks that she has an enormous potential in marketing and finance because of her mature inter-personal skills.

‘I have worked hard for this. I set aside TV acting and other opportunities so that I can finish college. I promised my parents that I will graduate at the end of next semester. With God’s help and much patience, I am near that goal’, she heaved.

Like her princess character portrayed in a series entitled ‘Antigo’ that once aired on TV5 Cebu, Denesse was born a fighter. ‘I shed weight from 117 down to 103 lbs for the Bb. Ormoc contest’, she casually gave away.

Asked how she was able to perfectly tone down her body and weight for the search, she answered: ‘I was determined to get the job done so I counted my calorie intake. For a month I ate solid meals only during lunch (a form of protein diet), and drank fruit as well as vegetable juice during morning and evenings. I also took nutrition and herbal supplements and exercised with vigour.’

Ormoc News, Martial arts Dojo for Women
Denesse during her Dojo Martial Arts training, featured in the VBP article May 19th 2015 – Martial Arts Dojo for Women only, opens in Cebu City (Photo by Dojo Martial Arts)

Asked whether her Bb. Ormoc crown would mean her eventually joining top contests like Bb. Pilipinas, Denesse answered: ‘I joined the Bb. Ormoc tilt because this is the place (Ormoc) where I was raised, where my personality was developed. What I am now is because I grew up in this beautiful place. I am not going to rush into other contests yet, although, yes, I keep an open mind about joining national or higher pageants, but that would only come after I get my first priority done which is to graduate from college’.

‘Right now I am just trying to enjoy life outside of needless pressures. What is important is that I have my priorities in point. And when I am old I will tell my grandchildren the same: live and enjoy life to the fullest, focus on the future but develop self as your best and only asset’, she said.

Beautiful and rare, it may take some good counting before we see this gifted personality out on the national or world stage. But this stunner who says she’s crazy about peanuts, detective, crime, and comedy movies may just embrace the limelight on her own terms and time.

Right now, she sells some of her own paintings to augment her student allowance.

‘Frugality and hard work is the strongest lesson our family’s experiences and struggles in life taught me. Within our family we do not fight about but work hard for our money’, Denesse says and her mom agrees.

Asked what her message would be to Ormocanons and Visayans in general, she said she hopes that the people of Visayas would continue to ‘rise up, build new dreams, have faith in God, and work to overcome their hardships’ almost two years after super–typhoon Haiyan.

Denesse said she is ready to answer to any relevant work her beloved city might call her to carry out as the city’s reigning beauty queen.

‘I understand that the local government would like me to participate in social programs, much as an ambassadress of goodwill would do and I would be very pleased and prepared to oblige’, she told Visayan Business Post.

But as Binibining Ormoc, Denesse see herself more as a role model who might be able to influence the youth through her own actions.

‘I feel that I have a great responsibility to listen to what the youth has to say, that is why I am careful not to take immediate sides on issues like LGBT or same sex relations among others’, she said.

Denesse maintains that she is worried about the youth. ‘To say that young people like me are easily influenced is an understatement’, she said, adding that the odd and diverse level of information a young mind can be exposed to or the understanding young individuals can achieve these days is usually misunderstood.

‘The youth is influenced so much by what they can access in today’s unbridled social media’. She explains.

‘The young must examine what they read on the internet. In fact, I feel that the youth will gain more from going back to reading books’, she adds. Her favourite read: books on personality development and the human psyche.

Denesse is close to her elder sister Junica with whom she keeps her best kept secrets, although the Visayan Business Post hopes to learn more about this one day.

Fast Facts

Name: Denesse Ann Tac-al Rebadomia
Birth: 15 August 1995, Tondo, Manila
Parents: Ardees Rebadomia and Ma. Socorro Tac-al
Siblings: Junica, 20 and Carl Lancer, 17
Loves: Peanuts, painting, singing, dancing and crime movies
Boyfriend: None

On the night of 28 June 2015, Denesse Ann Rebadomia captured the hearts of Ormocanons and was crowned winner of this year’s Bb. Ormoc beauty pageant. Denesse, an early crowd favourite against 10 other candidates, was adjudged Best in Fun Wear, Best in Playsuit, Best in Evening Gown, Miss Photogenic, Miss Goldilocks, Miss Natasha Beauty, and given the Texter’s Choice Award.

Ormoc News, BB Ormoc 2015
Leyte 5th Legislative District Congressman Jose Carlos Cari weighs in on the contestants with DILG director Pedro Noval in this photo by Joseph Levi Sausa.

The pageant Board of Judges was chaired by Atty. Cristina Garcia-Frasco with members Philippine Basketball Association superstar Rey Evangelista, business executive Allan Oliver Ong, fashion designer Dino Lloren and educator Anna Louisa Abanes-Bumagat. The event was led by Fiesta Execom chairman Edwin Codilla.