Ominous cracks characterize what remains to be the only material foundation supporting this damaged part of the Maharlika Highway in Capoocan, Leyte. (Photos and Video by Visayan Business Post)

Disaster anew waits at Maharlika Highway

Capoocan News, Leyte – Following persistent complaints by concerned motorists and netizens fearful about the clear and present danger posed by the precarious condition of this motorway, Visayan Business Post visited Sitio Ansubas, Barangay Lemon, Capoocan town to document the reported peril.

‘This is part of the Tacloban–Capoocan–Ormoc road network of the Maharlika Highway, it gave way to erosion due to landslides caused in previous years’, said Junifer Albaroque, a resident in Capoocan town who was interviewed by the Visayan Business Post news team.

Albaroque said that the risk became more evident during typhoon ‘Ruby’ and worsened at the height of typhoon ‘Seniang’ both at the end of 2014.

Nearby residents living in the area said government engineers of the Department of Public Works and Highways has checked on this road as early as January 2015, but no new visible action has been made yet to stop the continued deterioration of this road.

‘They only dumped some gravel on the other end but other than that nothing more followed, it is actually scary to pass over especially during rainy days and at night’, said hawker Bert Asis of Ormoc City who uses the road almost every other day to deliver his goods to Carigara and other towns.

Asis added that portentous potholes of slippery muddy water usually form at the road’s remaining unpaved shoulder causing traffic congestion and more risk to motorists during heavy rains.

Hundreds of passenger, commercial and cargo vehicles including heavy crates pass through this vital economic artery, and its ultimate collapse is expected not only to result in possible death or injuries to would–be victims but also cut travel between the cities of Tacloban and Ormoc all throughout.

Another route to Ormoc from Tacloban will need to pass through the Abuyog–Mahaplag–Baybay road in the South which takes about four hours of travel time from Tacloban and vice–versa.

Travel to Ormoc from Tacloban via the present route traversing Capoocan and Barangay Lemon takes only two hours.

‘We hope that the concerned government officials and the DPWH will take more serious action since it will only be a matter of time before this road condition causes alarming and irreparable damage to persons and property including our local economy’, said a rural bank officer who requested not to be identified.

Capoocan is part of DPWH’s Second Engineering District.

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Disaster anew waits at Maharlika Highway