Image by Save the Children Philippines

The thoughts of a Fil-Brit living in London on the tragedy in Paris

Opinion – Britain will receive the first group of Syrian refugees on Tuesday – 350 of the 1,000 we will receive before Christmas. It’s been reported that a Syrian passport was found close to the body of one of the Paris attackers. As well as praying for the people of Paris, I pray that the people of Britain and across the world can find strength and bravery through logic and reason, rather than succumbing to blind fear.

Although it is still unclear whether the passport is genuine and not one of the thousands of forged documents that smugglers and human traffickers in Europe are using to rake in money from desperate migrants, do people not believe it strange that such condemning evidence was found so easily? When this man strapped bombs to his chest, why would he make sure he had his passport with him? If he wished to make sure people know he is Syrian, why? If he has committed these crimes in the name of his God, why does his nationality matter?

It’s not being shown on the news anymore, but those Syrian refugees – teachers, plumbers, writers, musicians, students.. are fleeing the same evil, the same message and the same political version of Islam as that which we’ve seen in Paris.

In dark times we tend to blame ‘the stranger’, but please do not be so quick to turn your backs on these people. Please do not believe everything you read, we don’t have all the information, and some of the information we do have is false. Ask questions, be logical and be reasonable. If all we have is fear and hate within us, this evil has already won.

Nicola Christeen Villablanca Bevan