Ormoc City

Ormoc City and Its Stupid Governance

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Ormoc City – One has to fully understand the societal restitution of a stupid man before a person elects him for a leadership position and letting him run a city with highfalutin madness. Living here in Ormoc for more than half of my life is enough to open my eyes to the disparagingly insulting state of my city — it’s been kept below the poverty line and has been robbed by the same people elected on the seat for only God knows how many decades. Indeed, Philippine politics is an epitome of a political dynasty hullabaloo and the voodoo it tries to space out to feed the gullible minds of the Ormocanon people.

The local elections, where these power-hungry politicos does everything to win the race like driveling on the sours of their opponents or buying a vote for P20 is as cliché as it sounds. Nonetheless, these are the people who promised to bring the local economy out of poverty line. The sad fact that this myth will come in reality is as nill as a chance of finding a needle on the sand –no pain, no gain. Simple. We Ormocanons should start shoving our faces the fact that progress is on the far end of the road, provided that the current public officials not be re-elected. The root of this ill-fated local governance actually lies both on two factors: the people itself and these unfit politicos who knew nothing but feed on the government and are still re-elected by people out for P20 –loving the stupid promise of flooding “artistas” on the city. Allow me to insult those who are fans of this mediocre society who believes that #AlDub will bring progress and economically change the living standards and the defunct hope for progress.

Excuse me while I throw up when I say that the local government has brought the city’s economy in good hands. Nothing I’ve heard so far could make my guts churn when I hear the rants of my fellow Ormocanons on the local radio station talking about the audacious pilferage of disaster aide funds that should have long been distributed right away a day after, recalling the horrors of the Supertyphoon Haiyan. This malicious chutzpah and bold act of corruption right on the office of the local government per se, has to die right away. Ormocanons should stop its futile attitude towards choosing a government official. Politics is not a breeding ground for stupid, it’s a sacrosanct place for the common good of the people and not just those who are in pseudo-service for the common good.

Again, re-electing the same mentally incapable and unfit politicians who can’t even defend a simple question about “where did the disaster aide went” is like bearing the shame of eating your own crap and it’s debauchery in Jollibee –which seems to be the only “elite looking” fast food chain on the city. Now you call that progress!

So far, Ormoc politics is still a battlefield of the Red and Yellow scheme where both sides doesn’t make any sense even in pointing out a simple nostrum of the city’s horrifying status quo, right on the local grounds they’re standing in.

The city has still a long way to go.

Guest Post by Renato Tan