Jibatang River Control, Brgy. Lonoy, Calbayog City

DPWH-SFDEO Posted 88% Accomplishment in Flood Control & Drainage

CY 2015 saw 65 accomplished projects from DPWH – Samar I. Among these, fourteen accomplished projects with total programmed amount of one hundred fifty nine million seven hundred thirty thousand seven hundred forty one pesos (Php 159,730,741.00) were related to flood control and drainage projects.

Among the flood/river control structures constructed, rehabilitated and/or improved for CY 2015 are those located along Kinawan River in Brgy. San Joaquin, Bulongto River in Brgy. Malopalo, Malajog River in Brgy. Malajog (Phase II), Jibatang River in Brgy. Lonoy.

There were also flood control projects in Brgy. Bantian, Brgy. Malaga (Phase II), Brgy. Peña and two more projects in Brgy. San Joaquin. On the other hand, Rueda St. Calbayog City, Brgy. Balud, Brgy. Payahan, Brgy. Aguit-itan and Brgy. Ba-ay were the situs barangays for the construction, repair and/or rehabilitation of drainage systems.

Of these fourteen projects six were under contract with B. Vicencio Construction, three by JFR Construction, three by CDU Construction and two by Rhyes Construction. As of December 31, 2015, only three flood control-related and four drainage-related projects are ongoing.

Arden Malanog