Completed Two (2) Storey-Four (4) Classroom Schl.Bldg., Trinidad NHS Tomaligues Annex Schl.,Calb.City,Samar

SFDEO Released FY 2015 BEFF Status Report

Four weeks before School Year 2016-2017 starts, Department of Public Works and Highways – Samar First District Engineering Office (DPWH-SFDEO), released the status report of the infra projects under FY 2015 Basic Educational Facilities Fund (BEFF).

Based on the report dated May 15, 2016, 28 out of the 105 school building projects were completed. This includes 19 school buildings in Calbayog Division and 9 school buildings in Samar Division. 57 SBPs are still on-going averaging to 67.05% physical accomplishment. 43 out of these on-going projects are in Samar Division and 14 are in Calbayog Division.

Due to the project’s location which could bring forth unforeseen damage to the equipment and construction personnel, triple handling of materials and the difficulty of transporting the same to the site, 14 SBPs were returned to the Department of Education comprising 8 SBPs in Samar Division and 6 SBPs in Calbayog Division.

In Samar Division, 5 SBPs are waiting for the approval of the modification of materials. Should the request be denied, these projects will then be returned to Samar Division due to hitches in the handling of materials and difficulty of transporting the same to the site.

With the full swing implementation of the K+12 Curriculum, DE Virgilio Eduarte, ADE Alvin Ignacio together with the concerned section chiefs will continue monitoring these SBPs to ensure prompt accomplishment of these projects in answer to classroom shortage.

Article by Donna Debuton