Sage Villablanca represents ONEVisayas at the SM Seaside’s ‘DENIMVASION’ Fashion Show in Cebu City

Leyte kids join Cebu fashion show to promote ONEVisayas

CEBU CITY NEWS – Junior volunteers of Leyte based humanitarian aid organization ONEVisayas joined SM Seaside’s ‘DENIMVASION’ Fashion Show in Cebu City to highlight the importance of inspiring social development consciousness among young individuals.

Nine year old Chance Villablanca and six year old Sage Villablanca from Ormoc City, Leyte, sashayed like professional models under flashing colourful klieg lights on the SM ramp visibly wearing ONEVisayas prominent red logo.

The youngsters also wore denims spiked with earth coloured bead accents. Denim is the official work apparel of ONEVisayas permanent volunteers.

Asked how she felt on her first promotional assignment for ONEVisayas outside of Leyte, soft–spoken Chance Villablanca said ‘It was just awesome!’

Villablanca, a grade three pupil who excels in language and math is one of ONEVisayas’ youngest permanent volunteers and youth ambassadors. She is usually seen doing secretariat work in shows, conferences, and consultation meetings sponsored by ONEVisayas to educate students and organize farmers in Leyte.

‘I want to do it again’, six year old Sage Villablanca told the Visayan Business Post. He added that he was happy being able to promote the idea of helping the poor in the Visayas ‘even if I am just a small boy’.

ONEVIsayas is a humanitarian aid organization assisting poor farmers in Leyte gain access to technical, material, and financial resources that farmers and their immediate families can use to eventually achieve economic independence and live with dignity.

More information on ONEVisayas can be accessed through and Facebook account ONEVisayas.

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Chance Villablanca represents ONEVisayas