ONEVisayas, Inc. founding chair Frank Villablanca joins agriculture officials and Cabaohan, Pastrana, Leyte farmers.

ONEVisayas organizes neglected Leyte farmers in unrepresented agriculture locale

PASTRANA NEWS – Humanitarian aid organization Opportunities for a New Economy in the Visayas, Inc. (ONEVisayas) has organised a farmer’s association in this town’s Barangay Cabaohan so that subsistence farmers here could be represented to get farming inputs and livelihood interventions.

The Community Harvest through Agriculture and New Commercial Enterprise (CHANCE) Farmer’s Association was established in the said barangay which is an interior rural area with mostly subsistence farmers.

‘The intention is to give these marginalised farmers unprecedented access to several livelihood interventions from varied sources including the national government’, said Ateneo de Manila professor Dennis Heruela, ONEVisayas’ corporate secretary.

ONEVisayas, farmer’s association, Barangay Cabaohan, Pastrana News
ONEVisayas’ Frank Villablanca tells Cabaohan farmers that ‘poverty is a prison out of which the farmers themselves hold the key to absolute freedom’.

Cabaohan village chief Canoy Gerilla meanwhile thanked ONEVisayas’ founding chair Frank Villablanca for spearheading today’s organization action so that farmers in this barangay could competitively qualify for various agriculture–based development programs intended to alleviate poverty in Pastrana.

Villablanca went to Cabaohan bringing with him the Municipal Agriculture Officer and a Provincial Agriculture Office representative to conduct pre–organization orientation required for recruits to get legal membership in the newly-established farmer’s association.

‘Our farmers have long been neglected by the local government and we are hopeful that under ONEVisayas’ stewardship, a level playing field could be provided to us finally through the CHANCE Farmer’s Association’, village chief Gerilla said.

Municipal Agriculture Officer Alona Mas said that the local government of Pastrana under the leadership of its new Mayor Dr. Alvin Opiniano is working hard to provide the necessary assistance to local farmers using Department of Agriculture interventions but that these can only be availed of by registered and accredited farmer’s organizations.

Mas thanked ONEVisayas which is a home grown non–government organization for its timely technical assistance that led to the speedy organization of the farmers. ‘All it took was one call from ONEVisayas chair Frank Villablanca and everything went well for these farmers’, Mas said.

ONEVisayas, Agriculture officer Alona Mas, Barangay Cabaohan, Pastrana News
Agriculture officer Alona Mas explains organization officer’s responsibilities to the CHANCE Farmer’s Association members.

‘ONEVisayas has started to establish a stronger and more united front for farmers through the formation of a federated system of ensuring that local livelihood needs are met through a participatory and hands–up process’, Prof. Heruela told the Visayan Business Post.

ONEVisayas, Leyte Sunrise, Pastrana News
Leyte’s picturesque horizon brings new hope to farmers through ONEVisayas’ integrated approach to ecological farming that is beginning to attract farmer’s organizations, local, and national agriculture officials.

ONEVisayas is a Securities and Exchange Commission registered and accredited humanitarian organization with direct time investment in farmer livelihood programs. It is currently establishing Integrated Technical Farms (ITF) in Leyte under its Agriculture Initiative Dispersal (AID) program which involves ecologically sound sustainable livelihood enterprises.

ONEVisayas, Inc. could also be reached at and, including its live sites on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.