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Philippine Coast Guard to inspect hotels, resorts for water safety

Philippine News, CEBU City – The Philippine Coast Guard here has announced it will inspect resorts and hotels in the region. The random inspection will verify compliance to water safety requirements.

Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Central Visayas Commander Neil Azcuna said that PCG will start enforcing on May 17 a government circular calling for the inspection of resorts and hotels to see if indeed these have set up necessary water safety measures.

“Water safety includes the presence of trained life guards and life savers in the vicinity of pools and beaches and if they have the necessary life saving equipment”, said Azcuna. “We will check if their life guards are trained, and who trained them,” added Azcuna.

Hotels and resorts must have properly trained lifesavers and, if found lacking, will be given ample time to comply. “Compliance is a must here in Cebu specially that most are coastal communities frequented by domestic and international tourists”, explained Commander Azcuna.

In a similar development, the Naval Forces Central in Central Visayas (Navforcen) has announced that, along with the PCG, they will conduct life saving trainings for free to groups of at least 20 people. Navy Lt. James Reyes said that proper training is needed considering that there are several misconceptions when it comes to saving the life of a drowning person.

Reyes said that part of this training is making the lifesaver estimate the capacity of the drowning victim, or else both of them may die. “There are some things that the public needs to know and can only be learned through training from the right authorities”, Lt. Reyes concluded.