Perspective of the proposed new wet market which will rise near the wharf of Carigara (Photo courtesy of LGU Carigara)

Carigara, Leyte News – New Carigara market soon to rise in reclaimed land

CARIGARA NEWS – Wet market vendors in the crowded Carigara municipal market are happy that modern and more spacious market facilities will finally be established for the municipality’s growing number of market sellers as the local government begins a reclamation project for the purpose.

Carigara, Leyte Mayor Eduardo Cañega Ong disclosed to the Visayan Business Post news team that the P11 million development project near the local port along the Carigara Bay area has been approved and that its implementation will immediately proceed.

“The reclamation project is intended to give the local government appropriate land space for its new market facilities, however avoiding the procurement of costly real estate”, said mayor Ong.

Carigara News, Eastern Visayas News
The site map of the Carigara New Wet Market project (Photo courtesy of LGU Carigara)

Ong added that crowded and decrepit market facilities exist in what otherwise should be a developed economic activity area in the town’s central business district. “Our varied daily sea and agriculture produce should be found by all approaching buyers from different parts of the region in an organized public market where trading can be performed with comfort and ease”, explained mayor Ong.

The local government of Carigara is going to construct at least 140 new market stalls for prospective locators through this priority economic development program. The cost of the improvement project is expected to be recouped in time by the local government through the daily regulatory fees that the facility will generate.

Carigara News, Eastern Visayas News
Neophyte mayor Eduardo Cañega Ong is at the helm of many development projects that the municipality of Carigara has not seen in recent years