Bushidokan Samurai Kenjutsu Martial Arts Dojo students, from left to right, Anna Alea, Karen Tagalog, Junica Rebadomia, Carl Rebadomia, Denesse Rebadomia, Joshua Seno, EJ Betonio

Cebu News – Martial Arts Dojo for Women only, opens in Cebu City

Cebu News – Training in the Ancient Samurai Arts, a specialized Martial Arts Dojo for “WOMEN ONLY” NO MEN ALLOWED, will soon open it’s doors for new students in Cebu City. Is this school for you?

Cebu News, Bushidokan Samurai Kenjutsu Martial Arts Dojo
TBushidokan Samurai Kenjutsu Martial Arts Dojo

As a Disabled American Veteran, Senpai Pecchenino moved to the Philippines for a better life. In the States, with 2 other instructors, he taught Women’s Samurai Street Combat Jujutsu Anti-Rape & Assualt courses to over 7000 high school girls a year for over 7 years. Rape, murders, robbery and assault were on the rise. According to FBI statistics, every 15 minutes, women and girls from 8 to 80 were being raped or assaulted in the US.

Since becoming a resident of the Philippines, however, Senpai Pecchenino has also seen some severe abuse of women. One case, the shooting of a 14 year old girl and her mother on a jeepney, prompted him to do something about it. In response, he founded the Bushidokan Samurai Kenjutsu Martial Arts Dojo, a member of the world Bushidokan Federation, dedicated to teaching woman how to protect themselves in real life situations against an attacker.

With essential backing from his wife, Maricar Seno Pecchenino and sister-in-law, Socorro Rebadomia, a business woman in Ormoc, who own the school, Senpai Pecchenino has just completed a training program for the Dojo’s Instructors. Although Student intake will be women only, half the trained Instructors are men, so that the Students can experience being attacked by and defending themselves from a man. Student training classes are due to begin in Cebu on June 6th, however there are plans to open a second Dojo in Ormoc in the near future.

Below, Senpai Pecchenino describes the School’s philosophy;

The Beginning & Our Goal;
To Create a school that can be duplicated very cheaply, that can spread all around the Philippines, so every woman can learn how to protect herself in real life application against an attacker. Our schools are a Traditional Japanese Dojo and NOT a BUSINESS, Classes are free, but we accept donations to cover things like Uniforms/Certificates/Belts/Patches/Tarpaulins/Mats/ Buildings/A/C etc. Up front, on my meagre pension, I payed for everything to get the school started.

The Dojo, “School”;
A Covered outside area, lighted, Dojo “school”… 3 nice mats & 1 punching/kicking pad etc….1 tarpaulin with the School Logo on it, a female Samurai of course. I found a clothes maker who can make our uniforms at a fraction of the cost to buy them at the store, and a great patch company to make the School & Federation logo/patches.

First day open;
It felt like Day Camp for kids. I had 8 young adults, 4 girls & 4 boys all staying here at the Dojo. I had a short time to train Assistant Instructors to get this school rolling. 1 Chef & 1 helper to run the kitchen & dining room. Plus CR & house duty. We had to buy TONS of food, breakfast/ snack/lunch/snack/dinner, and YES the parents chipped in to help. Plus water delivery every other day. During training there is NO TV/COMPUTERS OR CELL PHONES, PERIOD! Except if you have to call Mom! All Students bring all their own CR supplies & bedding. Girls wear black tube training bra & short black training jogging shorts, Boys t-shirt & jogging shorts.

The Day starts at 5:00am sharp, get up, prep & clean your area. Breakfast at 6:00 sharp, training starts at 7:00, snack break at 10:30 for 15 minutes, 12:00 lunch, 1 hour. 3:30 snack & CR break and 5:00 training is over. Dinner at 6:00, Japanese hot tub to heal & relax till 8:00pm then bed. 5:00am starts all over again. Everyday training in the HOT sun and part shade. Doing it over and over and over again and again and again. Constant drilling till you get it RIGHT, and we all train as a TEAM, if 1 is slow, tough, we wait till they get it, then we move on.

We teach Ancient Samurai Principles, Esoteric teaching & the way of Bushido. The specialized program I teach is designed for Women and is secret for the Woman’s peace of mind, Once you join, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SHOW THESE ARTS TO ANYONE, and you agree to that in writing unless given permission! We are the first Dojo in the World that we know of that reinstated the “Ancient Samurai Blood Oath”, or the Commitment to the “RYU” the School as a student. Each student has to get a waiver signed and a school application filled out before starting! We pushed and trained and actually got ahead of the program. In the beginning it was awkward, but then it started to click and the students started to really perform.

We finally finished the program ahead of time, still they have continuing education every month and have to return for more training. Graduation night was pretty cool, NO FILMING OR PICTURES during program. This has to be this way, SECURITY & PRIVACY to ensure the woman’s safety and continuity of the Art itself. During this training period, parents & boy or girl friends are NOT allowed on-site, there must be NO DISTRACTIONS, as they have to focus 100% on the art. They will see their parents/family and friends at Graduation.

Now what?
Now that this Instructors training class is over, official student class will start Saturday June 6-13-20-27 from 9am to 11:00am. For more info call Bushidokan Samurai Kenjutsu Martial Arts Dojo at 0324962070, Private Line.

We DO NOT SUPPORT MMA OR CAGE FIGHTING, and we DO NOT ACCEPT CHALLENGES. We feel it gives a bad representation of Martial Arts as a whole, and hurts Martial Arts industry over all. We have a purpose and a Goal and NOTHING to prove, WE MUST stay focused to the Goal at hand.

Ormoc Students;
Deneese Rebadomia, Carl Lancer T. Rebadomia, Junica Rebadomia and Karen Tagalog
Cebu Students;
Anna Alea, Joshua Seno, Jose EJ Betonio, JoJo Boloy and Honorable Mention to our youngest girl student, Miako Seno

Sempai Pecchenino
Bushidokan Samurai Kenjutsu Martial Arts Dojo
Cebu Philippines