A water buffalo wanders near the P2 Million bridge identified by Barangay Pangna, Carigara Chairman Eugenio Brier to be a project of incumbent Congressman Sergio Apostol in Leyte's Second District. (Photo by VBP)

Inquiry sought for unused P2 Million ‘mysterious bridge’ that leads to no road

Carigara Leyte – Some local residents of barangay Pangna and Lower Parag-om are seeking to hold accountable the proper officials responsible for the construction of a bridge that according to them, ‘the officials and contractor who built it have forgotten’.

Visayan Business Post visited the area to document what is now the ruins of a structure that was erected supposedly to connect some barangays in this remote part of the Second District of Leyte.

‘That bridge was a project of Congressman Sergio Apostol. I was told that it was worth P2 Million’, Pangna Barangay Chairman Eugenio Brier told the Visayan Business Post.

Brier said that an engineer from the Department of Public Works and Highways arrived to check on the area followed by a contractor who would later build the bridge.

‘I cautioned that they needed to build a strong structure for a bridge because during rainy days the water would normally rise in that area and the structure itself could be endangered, but they did not listen’ Brier added.

‘The bridge collapsed barely two months after its completion in 2012 after a heavy rain. The local residents were not even able to use it’, Brier explained. ‘I wondered where the engineers who came to build it studied engineering’, he said.

Concerned local residents in the area guided the VBP News Team to a trail leading to the bridge over a hundred meters from a barangay road.

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A pathway leads to the controversial bridge over a hundred meters from a barangay road. (Photo by VBP)

The residents said that they were wondering why Congressman Apostol should be interested in building a bridge even with the absence of a road in the area. They claimed that the pathway itself and the land where it was located was privately owned and did not form part of any barangay road network.

Barangay Chairman Brier told VBP he reported the collapse of the bridge to Congressman Apostol in 2012 for the contractor to be held accountable. He said he is still waiting for the public official’s action.

VBP is seeking to interview Congressman Sergio Apostol for his comment on the matter.