Tingib barangay chairman Raynario Galvez points to the large hole on the box culvert that collapsed when a truck passed on it.

Collapse of construction reveals lack of steel bars in congressman’s alleged pet project

Tingib, Pastrana – A supposed reinforced box culvert which is part of a series of multi-million road projects has failed in Tingib, a remote barangay in Pastrana town, and ‘it revealed the kind of construction that the Department of Public Works and Highways and perhaps even Congressman Sergio Apostol needs to explain’, according to netizen Josiphine Calatraba.

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The construction is part of three projects supposedly funded through the 2nd Leyte Engineering District.

Calatraba who is from Pastrana, Leyte, reported that the box culvert’s approach slabs were not properly reinforced with conventional steel rebars so that the structure which technically serves as a bridge collapsed when a loaded truck passed on it.

The box culvert cum bridge which is a part of the Pastrana–Dagami Road network traversing through Barangay Tingib is allegedly a pet project of Congressman Sergio Apostol of the 2nd District of Leyte. The road also connects Pastrana to the town of Jaro, Leyte.

‘Luckily no one was hurt during the accident. But we noticed immediately the lack of steel reinforcement on the approach that fell through’, Tingib barangay chairman Raynario Galvez told the Visayan Business Post news team while it verified the report.

Chairman Galvez also said that he immediately notified the office of Congressman Apostol since he did not know the contact details of the DPWH 2nd engineering district.

The Visayan Business Post is still trying to get the comment of DPWH officials and Leyte congressman Apostol on the matter.