Comparison of the numbers of infra projects scheduled between the CY 2016 and CY 2015 Infra Program

Samar I DEO CY 2016 Infra Program Higher by 52.08%

The CY 2016 DPWH Infrastructure Program of Samar First District Engineering Office is already approved and it is higher than CY 2015s’ by 52.08%.

The CY 2015 GAA’s one billion three hundred thirty eight million seven hundred fifteen thousand pesos (₱ 1,338,715,000.00) appropriation, paved the way to seventy five (75) infra projects with sixty two (62) projects completed by September 15, 2015.

This year’s Infra Program is higher by 52.08%. With two billion seven hundred ninety three million seven hundred eighty five thousand pesos (₱2,793,785,000.00) appropriation, CY 2016 schedules eighty three (83) infra projects for implementation.