Child workers toiling in sugarcane plantations have been a sore issue hounding the sugar manufacturing industry in Ormoc City

Ormoc voters expecting ‘results’ from Gomez and his team

ORMOC CITY –– Residents from the one hundred and ten barangays of this developing constituency are expecting a lot from mayor-elect Richard Gomez and his Ormoc Development Team once they assume office starting July 1.

‘There are too many problems waiting to be addressed and some development issues that needs specific planning’, says ‘Dominique’ an international non-government organization worker who monitored local efforts that resulted in Gomez’ recent ‘upset victory’ over incumbent mayor Ondo Codilla.

‘Without specifics on how Ormoc should briskly steer towards immediate but balanced development, significant public support for Gomez’ reform and progressive agenda may start to erode’, she said.

Dominique is hoping that social protection measures will soon be implemented for neglected sectors of the population especially child workers toiling around the city’s sugarcane fields instead of being in public schools.

‘Our newly elected officials should now realize how far the public has actually been able to distinguish between hope and stagnation with the wide mandate given to Gomez and his team,’ said Artemio Ypil, 34 a local political observer.

‘Based on our earlier understanding of the ‘issues’ tackled by the opposing political camps it would seem that one of the reasons why marginalized families went out to support Gomez was their willingness to give him and his team ‘temporary confidence’ against the negative campaign Mr. Gomez received from the other end, Ypil said.

Artemio said that, while he voted for Gomez, he allowed his wife to ‘play it safe with Codilla’, a move that he hoped ‘would protect my family’s 4P’s benefits in the likely event of a Codilla win’.

Actor Richard Gomez who says he will focus on his responsibilities as mayor of Ormoc earlier announced his plan to take a break from his work as a showbiz personality, a move that has so far gained positive response from those who expect much from his campaign-period assurances.