Lifestyle - Xiamen Cuisine

Cebu’s wonderful Familia Xiamen Cuisine

Lifestyle, Cebu - The territorial row between China and the Philippines should not affect our eating preferences one bit. Dispute or not, we love how the Chinese cook food. We want to eat crossover menus…

Philippine Business Sense - Game Vortex

The Game Vortex Experience

Philippine Business Sense, Ormoc City -- People play video games to have fun or relax after a hard day’s work. Unfortunately, modern video game consoles are expensive. However, here in Ormoc City, gamers can actually…

Philippine News - Cebu City

4,604 jobs waiting in Cebu

Philippine News, Cebu City –– Seventy-one of the companies who joined in the recent Mega Local Job Fair at the Cebu City Sports Development Center have announced the existence of 4,604 job vacancies still waiting…